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Can I use the dried contacts again?

My contact lenses are now dry cuz I forgot to put them in the solution last night. But can I soak them in solution again and then still use them?
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  • Jon


    You'd better not use them. i've tried this before, the contact lenses will restore to their original shape after being soaked, but my eyes get irritated easily.
  • Nadine


    I suggest you not use them anymore. Although you can soak them in solution again, you may feel uncomfortable while wearing them, moreover, long-time wearing will easily cause inflammation. You'd better change a new pair.


    You can soak them in the solution for a whole night and then if it is soft enough as they are used to be, it is safe to wear them again. If it is still dry and feels hard, you'd better not to use them again.
  • Samuel rodney


    It is not suggested to use them again.Although it can go back to its original shape after soaking for one day ,there is a big risk of getting infected for your eyes.

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