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Jordan smith


Can I remove the anti-glare coating?

The anti-glare coating on my glasses is very scratched.Can I just remove it or have it recoated?
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  • Joseph campbell


    If your lenses are made of plastic, the lenses can be removed by polishing abrasives or chemicals, then to be recoated with new anti-glare coatings. You can go to your local optical stores to have this done, but I am afraid that some of them are unwilling to do so, cuz the cost of repairing an old lens is not that much less than manufacturing a new one. If your glasses were made 1 year ago or more, you'd better change for a new one with your new prescription in case that your prescription has been changed also.
  • cmg6891


    The anti-glare coating is difficult to remove. You can take your glasses back to your optician, and they will send your glasses to a lab. The lab will try to remove the anti-glare coating and then have it recoated.