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Fari Tackaberry


What is the sign when floaters become a serious problem?

I know that common floater doesn't need treatment,but is there any sign showing that you are having eye problems?
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  • Jessica Stevenson


    Sudden appearance of new floaters or a significant change in your floaters can be a sign of another problem. if thoes sign happens to you, you may go to see your eye doctor and let them check if you have a retinal tear or detachment that might require immediate treatment to prevent vision loss. Some floaters will disappear in short time but some may stay for months or years.
  • Kaylee


    The floaters which indicate a serious condition usually can be differentiated by some important factors: 1. They occur suddenly 2.They are accompanied by visual field defects including flashes of light and areas of vision loss (as if a dark curtain is placed in front of the eyes) 3.They appear numerous or large 4.They are associated with a trauma or a blow to the eyes or head 5.They are increasing in number over a short period of time, often minutes or hours These signs and symptoms are considered ocular emergencies and require immediate medical attention. Source:

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