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Isabel fergus


Can I use auto polish to remove the scratch on glasses?

I don't want to ruin my expensive lenses,they are polarized.
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  • croatiadiary


    1. Clean your eyeglasses regularly with a soft handsoap and water. 2. Draw over the scratch with a special marker such as Sandford's White Peel-Off China Marker. 3.Apply a CD- or DVD-cleaning solution and follow the directions on the packaging. 4.Buff the scratch away with a progression of cloths. 5.Bring your glasses to a professional to see if repair work can be done on the lenses. Source:
  • Marissa george


    Step 1.Wash complete the scratched lenses in tap water comprehensively. And then dry them with a soft cloth. This is a necessary preparation before applying eyeglass scratch remover. In some cases, it is also feasible to use soap and hot water, so as to remove any dirt or residue on the lenses. This helps clean the lenses thoroughly and facilitate scratch removal. Some people like to wrap the frame in order to prevent it from getting wet. Step 2: As mentioned before, furniture polish can be used to remove lens scratches effectively. In this step, just spray some furniture polish on the scratched lens or lenses. It is also possible to use a wood-cleaning spray as an alternative. Another home remedy is to take use of a small amount of petroleum jelly. This solution will help in coating the lens scratches and fill in the crevices. As a result, each scratch will become less noticeable. Step 3: After applying furniture polish or petroleum jelly onto each scratch, it is also necessary to rub the lenses with a professional cloth mildly in a circular motion. For each time, five seconds are enough. Step 4.After rubbing each scratch, it is important to check whether all scratches have been removed. If there is still a scratch, repeat the first three steps until all scratches become invisible. Step 5: Finally it is a necessity to clean the glasses in depth because the lenses have been applied with certain solution or scratch remover. This is similar to the first step. Source:"
  • Rebecca


    Yes, Of course you can. Apply a small amount of cleaning or metal polishing cream to a soft, dry cloth or cotton ball.Use small, gentle, circular motions to rub the cotton ball or soft cloth over the scratches.
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