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Jordyn adams


What is the vision of my eyes if i can only see the big top letter E on the chart?

Is my vision really bad if i can only see the big top letter E?
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  • Catherine lewis


    You really have a bad vision, in my country (US), the big top letter E means the 6/60 line (20 feet being about 6 meters). You'd better have your eyes carefully examined to have your prescription and get a pair of eyeglasses which is customized according to your prescription.
  • castro_jan


    Yeah.You have got high myopia if you can only see the big top letter.In this case, you should go to your optician to get a prescription glasses because you will find everything blurry without glasses. At last you may go blind if you don't wear glasses.
  • eden540


    Your vision is not that bad but you need glasses to correct your vision.It is hard to say what your vision is cuz the chart can be different.
  • scott burnham


    Your vision is 20/200

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