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Can i have perscribed lenses in basketball goggles?

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  • Caspar,H


    Of course you can . Goggles with prescription lenses are available now in most optical stores or online stores . Prescription goggles allow people who need vision correction to safely perform acts, otherwise eye injuries may happen. Before invention of the prescription goggle, people must wear regular correction eyeglasses or contacts and goggles to achieve both the above purposes. In this ways, their eyeglasses may sometimes get misplaced. Prescription sports goggles just offer more convenient and effective solution.
  • Jacqueline warren


    Sure. Choose a frame you like and take it to the nearby optical store with your prescription. They will put the lenses in for you.
  • Kaylee tuener


    You can get prescription basketball goggles which will not only help with your vision probelm but also protect your eyes from injury. When you buy basketball goggles, you just ask your optician to give you an eye exam and make prscription basketball goggles for you.

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