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giles Cameron


Do colored contact lenses affect vision when only use for fashion?

I wear glasses and contacts sometimes. I want to get some colored contacts only for fashion without prescription , do they affect my vision?
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  • Andrea lester


    These color contact lenses are simply cosmetic accessories, and not for medical purposes, so they should be used only temporarily, just for a short period of time.They should be cleaned and disinfected every night. Since you only wear them occasionally, you might want to use a monthly replacement lens. Most of the people using color contact lenses do not have a vision problem, and use them only as a fashion accessory. If you use them safely, they won't affect your vision. Liquid in the eyes is pretty normal. It's your body's way to keep your eye clean. Infections, generally, are not painful, just red and sometimes dry and itchy, which may caused by bacteria. If you think you have an infection of any kind, stop wearing your contacts until you see your doctor and check your eyes.
  • fergus


    If you wear them occasionally and keep them clean,it will not affect your vision. I have seen many girls use that for beauty without any problem. Don't worry.
  • Lisa


    Most fashion contact lenses won't affect your eyesight, as the coloured area is the ring around your pupil, so with the exception of some theatrical ones that are designed to be fully opaque, contact lenses do not affect your eyesight.
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