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christian Daniel


Where to do eye exam only to see if I need glasses, but not sell glasses?

Should I see an Optician or Optometrist? I only want a general eye exam to see whether I need glasses.
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  • Jordan smith


    I would recommend seeing an optometrist.Optometrists and ophthalmologists examine eyes and prescribe vision correcting lenses. Opticians manufacture and dispense corrective lenses. For the majority of individuals an optometrist is the doctor of choice for routine eye health and vision examinations.Ophthalmologist has the degree Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and is a primary and secondary, medical/surgical eye care provider.Ophthalmologists may also perform intricate surgical procedures including cataracts removal and lens implant, corneal transplant, glaucoma surgery and various laser procedures. source :
  • Hunter jackson


    An optician would do the job to check whether you need glasses,but they could sale their glasses to you and get much benefit from it. So it is better to go to an optometrist.

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