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should I get semi-rimless glasses if I have -6 vision?

I have a little bit strong prescription and I like semi-rimless glasses. Are they suitable for my prescription?
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  • Tracy


    That Rx. is right at the cut off for those types of frames. If you are going to do that I would definitely go to a private eyeglass shop that is able to order you the very best in eyeglass options. Also deal with someone that is experienced and will make sure that the fit of your frame is perfect. You need to make sure your eyes are very central in the frame for the best lens thickness. And non-glare coating is a must with an Rx that high. Even if it scratches easier you will want it.
  • gwynnie


    Actually, you are not suggested to get semi-rimless glasses according to your prescription. Your glasses prescription will have numbers in the sphere category that indicate the strength of power in your lenses. A number above 2.00 to 3.00 indicates a stronger power. Don't try to fit rimless frames for prescriptions that are over 6.00. The edges of the lenses become too thick for nearsighted prescriptions (written as -6.00 or higher) and too thin for farsighted prescriptions (written as +6.00). There are certain exceptions, depending on other factors in your prescription, so if you are unsure, check with your eye care practitioner.


    Prescription lens fitted to eyeglasses frames is for the purpose of correcting vision problem. As your prescription power gets stronger, higher index lenses are used in order to reduce the lens thickness. For a little bit strong prescription, the lens is usually very thick on the edge with 1.60 index lenses. So, please try to avoid rimless and semi-rimless frames if possible. Full-rim frames would achieve much better aesthetic result than rimless and semi-rimless frames. This is because the rim of the full-rim frames will cover the lens edge in some degree. While in semi-rimless or rimless frame, the thick edge would be easily visible. Hope this helpful.