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What are the coolest sunglasses for men?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Oops, you put me to think, my wife more than forty years ago you wear dark, I prefer a puppy that guide me, I can only say hello and give you a big hug.?regards
  • 04/14/2012

    Obviously the police, apart from strong, durable and fashionable,it have models that support the brand as David Beckham and George Cloneey luck .
  • Michael?anderson


    I think it's aviator sunglasses. You can see many male celebrities always wear aviators sunglasses, no matter on the street or in their movies or MTV.
  • Ariana


    I think the ray ban sunglasses are the coolest sunglasses. You can search on the internet. You will find many images of a man who wear a pair of ray ban sunglasses. If you don't think they are cool, you can choose another kind of sunglasses.
  • Alexandria giles


    You can have a look at I think they are really cool. Last month I ordered a pair of sunglasses online. But I can't remember which website it is because I am now in the outside. I can't find some information for you. But I can remember that they are a pair of ray ban sunglasses. They are cool! I like them very much!
  • Barry


    Do you like big plastic sunglasses? I think this kind of sunglasses is very cool too. And compared with other kind of sunglasses, they are much cheaper. I bought a pair of this kind of sunglasses for present last month. He told me they were nice. Ha-ha, I don't have much money so I can buy what I can afford. Hope he really likes them.
  • baker


    If you are very handsome, you will look good no matter what you wear. But if you look plain, the things that fit for other people may not fit for you. So you'd better have a try in a physical shop. There are all kinds of sunglasses for you to have a try. After you find a pair of sunglasses that you like, you can remember their size and style and then search on the internet to buy a pair of the same kind of sunglasses. The sunglasses sold online are much cheaper. This can save your money. Good luck!

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