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How can you tell if sunglasses have UV protection?

Poor quality glasses cause conjunctivitis, headache, falls, burns and loss of vision.?Now, if I buy glasses who claim protection, IS THERE ANY WAY TO VERIFY THAT DOMESTIC SO EFFECTIVELY?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Hi In some optical apparatus, have some measure ultraviolet radiation.?A sure way is to buy into a prestigious optical and ask that you put on your bill Uv filter 400
  • Robert ja


    Well, I believe your idea is quite correct, because it is true that poor quality sunglasses would cause some slight problems, and make you feel quite bad. Anyway, when you try to buy a pair of good sunglasses in the optical store, you should consult the salesman, they know what you need and what type has UV protection, also you could know that info through looking into the product certificate, you can see some detailed information on the certificate. But generally speaking, all good sunglasses have UV protection.
  • misty C.


    I often have a look of the description of the products before deciding to buy them. As to sunglasses, if you want to place an order online, you can have a look at the description of the sunglasses. Usually it will tell you that whether they "block harmful rays" or not.
  • Randa Fritch


    Can you see any tag on the arm of the sunglasses? Usually there is some info of the sunglasses on their arms. You can have a look. Or you can ask the sellers directly. If they are good sellers, they may definitely know the products. Or you can find this information in the product description.
  • Gabriel peters


    If you buy a pair of sunglasses in some private optical stores, you may get a pair of fake sunglasses that can't block UV rays or can only filter a small amount of UV rays for you. The quality of the sunglasses can't be tested. And you just know what you heard from the seller. But if you buy a pair of sunglasses of famous brand in physical shops, you may find enough information of the pair of sunglasses that you choose. And usually the sunglasses are UV blocking. Maybe there is some kind equipment that the seller will applied to prove you that whether this pair of sunglasses have UV protection or not.

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