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Flash in my vision. Should I see the doctor immediately?

My sis and I are in bed. When my sis turned over, she elbowed me in the eye. I saw a flash of light which looked like a group of lightning flashes. I Googled and found that she might have done something to my retina. I'm scared right now. But it doesn't hurt. Now I can see fine and I only experienced the flash once, which was when it happened. Should I see an eye doctor immediately? I really don't want to wake my nanna and grandad up because it's too late. Is it OK if I wait until the morning to get it checked?
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  • Linda


    Don't worry. I have suffered that for twice in my life. But they didn't affect my vision and cause damages to my eyes. It's normal to see lighting flashes and blue sparkles when our eyes are hit suddenly. Trust me you are fine. You don't need to wake up your nanna and granddad. But I still suggest you to protect your eyes and avoid such occasions next time. Be careful when you are playing with other kids!
  • walkamong123


    You may hurt the retina of your eyes. But since you have mentioned that the flashes only appears once and you can see fine, so it might not cause big damages to your eyes. You don't need to wake up your granddad or nanna. If you want to have your eyes checked, you can do it tomorrow. Just be careful next time. Sometimes the hit in our eyes can cause trauma or damages to our eyes, and need medical treatment immediately.
  • Rebecca


    Floaters and flashes are very common and are usually not a sign of a dangerous medical condition. However, if both floaters and flashes begin suddenly, it my indicate a more serious eye problem, such as a retinal tear or retinal detachment. The following are some symptoms of retinal detachment include sudden increase of floaters, flashes of light, reduction of vision and a shadow or curtain in the peripheral vision. Typically the shadow will move toward the center area of vision over hours, days or weeks. So if you have above symptoms, you need to see a doctor.
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