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Who can explain my eye exam status?

Hi! I want to know what my eye exam status is. It wasn't explained properly to me. Long time ago, I was told that I had farsightedness. I wasn't prescribed with any kind of glasses. I was prescribed a correctional one long time ago which I only have to use when I'm in front of the computer as part of my daily job. But I stopped wearing it. Now I'm not doing computer work. I just had an eye exam recently and I was told my vision is good. I was given a prescription for reading but not vision. Here are the details: Sphere Cylinder Axis Prism ADD OD : pl +1.00 OS : pl -0.50 030 +1.00 What do you mean by these readings? Do I really need to get a reading glass or it is normal? Thanks.
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  • dale


    I suggest you to ask your doctor of optometry to explain this to you again. And then get a pair of prescription glasses. If you are not sure when you should wear your prescription glasses, you may need to contact your doctor of optometry and ask them to explain when, where and why you need to wear your spectacles.Besides, the recommended use of corrective lenses can vary depending on your age, the work you do, and your symptoms. So it is normal. Don't worry about this. Just contact with your doctor of optometry immediately. Hope this helped!
  • EDWIN Caster


    It seems that you may need to buy a pair of reading glasses. You'd better have your old glasses updated. And sometimes our vision will change slightly if we change the habit of using eyes. So it is normal. But you still need to ask detailed explanations from your doctors.