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John Weadley


progressive lens rimless glasses


I am enquiring about some progressive lens (2.5 reading to 1.5 computer screen rimless glasses, what shapes and what prices are they, do you have a range that I can view and possible test?

Thank you
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  • Hunter rose


    I won't suggest you to choose rimless glasses. progressive glasses usually have bigger lenses. The full framed glasses are better than rimless glasses because they can fix the lenses. If you choose a pair of rimless glasses, the lenses may get loosen in future, so you need to fix them from time to time.
  • elblancodiablo


    The price of the glasses may depend on which kind of glasses you will choose. The price may vary from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. And usually progressive glasses are more expensive than regular glasses. I think maybe it will cost you at least 100 dollars. Good luck!
  • entivore


    You can have a look on Firmoo. There are many kinds of glasses. And you can upload your photo to try on all the glasses online. This can help you know which kind of shape is suitable for you. It is very convenient. But you must have your prescription and know the size of your glasses first. Hope this helped!
  • Victor Lee

    This is the link to rimless eyeglasses of The prices of the frames ranges from $23 to $36. About the lenses, $36.95 for Progressive Lens (no line), $49.95 for Free Form Progressive Lens (no line).
  • Rebecca


    Personally I think if you need progressive lenses, you'd better choose full frame, since the progressive lenses are much bigger than normal ones. In that way, it is easy to get the lenses destroyed. Hope this helpful.
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