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Sara scott


What Does It Mean When Your Eyes Are Red and Itchy ?

I have red and itchy eyes after using computer for a whole day. Can you tell me how to relieve my eyes? Will I suffer vision problems later? I don't want to tell my mum for she will scold me if she knows I haven't finished my homework while playing computer games for a whole day. What does it mean when our eyes are red and itchy? I want to lie to my mum. Help!!!
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  • abbyabbie


    Oh, dear kid, how can you do that to your mum? Your mum will notice your red and itchy eyes because red and itchy eyes are meaning that you just playing computer games for a long time. You are not a good kid if you lie to your mum. Lying is a bad habit that every one of us hates it very much. You can put some chilled cucumbers or tea bags on your closed eyes to relieve your red and itchy eyes. Or you can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyeballs. And don't rub your eyes for rubbing will make the condition become worse.
  • Angela green


    Your red and itchy eyes are caused by long time of using computers. The red and itchy may mean that your eyes are very dry at this moment. You need to lubricate them immediately. Or you may get an eye infection if you rub your eyes with dirty hands without noticing rubbing will make it worse. I think you should tell your mum that your red and itchy eyes are caused by long time of using computers or there may be an infection, then your mum will decide whether it is necessary to take you to see an eye doctor or not.