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What Are Hazel Eyes Considered?

I don't know whether I have hazel eyes or not. Can you tell me what hazel eyes considered? Thank you!
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  • hand_in_glove_


    Hazel eyes are not solely brown, green or blue. Sometimes they have a mix of these colors or change colors depending on the person's mood or clothes. You can search on the google to find some images of hazel eyes and then compare your eyes with the images. Hazel eyes are beautiful but I think the other color is very good too.
  • Joshua?hall


    Hazel eyes seem to have dark green tones, gold tones and brown tones. Sometimes they seem like earthy looking colors mixed with these colors together. But some people will have bright, mixed blue, green and gray. I have a very easy way to check your eye color. You can ask different people the same question: Can you tell me what the color of my eyes is? If they will give you different answers, you may possibly have hazel eyes.