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Is it okay to wear contacts while swimming?

I am heavy nearsighted and can't see thing clear around me. But i want to go swim. However, the bad eyesight is so boring that i can't see things when i take off my eyeglasses. So, I wonder if i can swim with contact lenses? Or what can i wear when i swim for vision aids?
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  • Kevin lee


    Dear friend, you can't wear your contacts when you are swimming, because we know that there are some chlorides the keepers often use to purify water. The chloride will have chemical reactions with your contacts and further damage your contacts. Your contacts can't help improve your vision problem anymore. So don't wear contacts while swimming.
  • handsdown9871


    Hey, guy! You can wear goggles when you want to swim. I have the same problems with you. The goggles can help prevent wetting our eyes. I think it is the glasses that are designed for swimmers. You can borrow a pair of goggles from the manager or you can just buy a pair of goggles for fear that the goggles will infect your eyes if they are used by a pink eye patient.