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Randa Fritch


What causes eye floaters during pregnancy?

I am pregnant for 5 months, I have been noticing that the floaters in my vision for a couple of weeks. Can you tell me what caused the eye floaters during pregnancy?
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  • epyon_rebirth


    I had floaters during my first pregnancy. But I could hardly notice them unless I looked at a white background or the sky. I think many people have a couple of floaters. It is a quite normal phenomenon. If you just have a couple, you needn't worry. But if you have lots of them or headaches at the same time, you need to see optician to get your eyes checked.
  • gary


    I got this in my first pregnancy, I had been to the eye doctor and he said that it was just normal wear and hormone changes during the pregnancy. Dear friend, eye floaters are pretty common. I think that they are not really anything to worry about. But if you have a lot then you should go and see an eye doctor, because you may need some treatment. Sometimes eye floaters are a sign of a serious condition. If the eye floaters are caused by retinal detachment, retinal tear or bleeding within the eye, you must see an eye doctor right away.