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Jeff N


How long does pink eye last in adults with antibiotics?

My eyes are red and itching. I had some antibiotics. I am an adult. I want to know how long does pink eye last with antibiotics. Need I see an eye doctor?
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  • Ana


    I just got pink eyes in the last week. I had some antibiotics. I think this can help with my problems. Then I went to see the doctor when I felt that my eyes are itching and just a little red. My uncle is a doctor. He told me that my pink eye will not infect others and will be cured within two weeks. So I suggest you to see the doctor immediately and get some treatment timely you will recover soon too.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Some types of pink eye are highly contagious. They will not be recognized for as long as 14 days after signs and symptoms begin. Someone with conjunctivitis may be contagious for one to two weeks after signs and symptoms first appear. So I think the pink eye will last for 2-3 weeks. It's very important to seek diagnosis and treatment from the doctor as early as possible.