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When aging eyes can't read the fine print?

My father is just 49 years old. But he can't read the instructions by himself. If the words are too small, he can't even manage it with a pair of reading glasses. I want to know when aging eyes can't read the fine print. How to help my father?
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  • walkietalkie131


    Presbyopia usually starts in the mid-40s. At this age, people often begin to realize that they have difficulty in reading book or punching out the numbers on their mobile phone. In the later 20 years, the eyes continue to lose their ability. At the age of 65, people often cannot see things clearly. Personally, I think the solution is to ask companies to use larger print on packages and labels for those with aging eyes.
  • etilnus


    To those people with presbyopia, the situation may get worse and worse. The gradual worsening of the eye's ability will cause many inconveniences in their daily life. That's why we should take care of our parents especially when they are old. We should take them to do regular eye exams. If the glasses don't work, you must read the instructions for them.