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Can you get contact lenses for reading?

I am a student. I got the mild myopia recently. Sometimes I cannot see the blackboard clearly. I want to buy a pair of contact lenses because it is more convenient. While I don't know whether it is ok for reading too.
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  • Michelle percy


    Of course you can get contact lenses for reading. Glasses and contact lenses have the same functions. Both of them can help to correct our vision problems. As you mentioned before, contact lenses is more convenient when we use it. We can avoid the sliding of the glasses and we can play basketballs without damaging it. It is OK if you want to use them for reading.
  • Jason lester


    You can buy a pair of contact lenses for reading. Compared with glasses, contact lenses have many advantages. But you must be careful when using them, because we must put them into our eyes directly, so there must be some precautions to avoid being infected. We must wash our hands carefully when we wear them.
  • Rebecca


    Yeah, of course. The contact lenses can also be used to read. Actually, there are so many students who choose to wear contact lenses instead of glasses because it looks more natural and beautiful. Hope this helpful.
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