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Melissa garcia


Can you drive with one eye?

I know that people with bad eyesight are not allowed to drive unless they got a pair of glasses. But I have a question. If one of the eyes was badly damaged, does that mean the person cannot drive anymore?
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  • Alyssa


    I think the people with one eye should not drive. It is so dangerous and inconvenient to drive with one eye. It may cause traffic accidents. I think people whose eyes were badly damaged can take buses or ask someone to drive for them. Nowadays, the transportation is so convenient.
  • Adriane


    No. they can't. The law doesn't allow them to drive. The people with two eyes can see a wider range than the people with one eye. When we are driving, we need to consider many situations such as the front, the back, the left and the right of the car. Any hesitation to react to the emergencies will cause accident. I think the people with one eye will cause more accident in our daily life. So they are not allowed to drive.