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Can you join the marines with bad vision ?

I want to know that can people with bad vision can join the marines? I really want to join the marines, Do you have any good idea for me?
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  • Joan


    It depends on how bad of your vision and what correction vision that you can get. There is no rule that you can't wear contact lenses or glasses in marines. But if you have very very bad vision that prescription eyeglasses can't give you a good vision, you are not suitable for joining the marines. Also, you can consider to take lasik eye surgery to correct your vision so as to join marines?
  • emily_109


    I am afraid that you can't join marines if you have really bad vision. In common, join army or marines and limits for vision. But if you have slight vision problems, you can get good vision by wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. But if you have bad vision and even eyeglasses can't give you good vision, you are not allow to join marines.