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John clark


What are symptoms of eye inflammation?

I am afraid I got eye inflammation, because my eyes are tearing, swelling and painful, can somebody tell me the symptoms of eye inflammation?
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  • garcia


    Usually, an eye inflammation occurs because of infection, allergies, or injury to the eye or eyelid. And a person with eye inflammation often has the following symptoms. To begin with, his eyes are red and irritating. Also he may not see things clearly, and the eyes are painful. If you have these symptoms, you may get inflammation. But I have to say that you'd better go to see a doctor to diagnose it.   
  • walkaboutpnw


    I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from your painful eyes. Here I will give you some symptoms about eye inflammation. First, you may have blurred vision. Also you may get eye redness and irritation. What's more, there are floating spots before your eyes. But in my point of view, you should take a visit to an eye doctor for help, because only doctors can make sure whether you get eye inflammation or not.

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