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Savannah percy


Do I need an eye prescription for computer glasses?

I work on a computer non stop for 9 hours a day and it is really bothering my eyes. Do i need a prescription for computer glasses? Or do you know of anywhere you can get them with out prescription? Thanks!
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  • 04/13/2012

    If you wear prescription glasses ,then you'd better get a pair of RX computer glasses .The strengh of your computer glasses should be decided by your prescription , which is usually 1/3 weeker than your regular prescription . If you have your RX at hand ,you can order it online which is much easier and cheaper . otherwise if you don't wear rx glasses ,it becomes much easier . just choose the style you like .
  • Brandon cook


    What are you looking for, prescription computer glasses or non prescription glasses? If you have good vision and just want to protect eyes. You can buy non prescription computer glasses to shield eyes. But if you have poor vision, you have to visit eye doctors to get prescription, then use it to buy prescription computer glasses. And to save money, you can search them online. As far as i know, framesdirect, lenscrafters and firmoo are good places to buy eyeglasses.