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liz hernandez


liz hernandez

is it possible to have prescription lenses from one frame that is very similar to another frame cut to fit the change would be 53-18-31-135 to 52-18-29-135 would this cause distortion?
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  • hanes3777


    From your description, you want to change your eyeglasses frame. Technically, you are not suggested to change your frame only by optician. But i think it is OK to do it. I have such experience. My eyes are nearsighted with -3.00 prescription for both eyes. I hate my eyeglasses, but buying a pair of new eyeglasses are expensive since i am a student. To save money, i bought a new eyeglasses frame (have similar frame size of my old eyeglasses) and have an optician filled the lenses. And the "new" eyeglasses didn't cause any distortion. I have worn this eyeglasses about a year now. Nothing happen to my eyes.
  • Victor


    Change frame is not difficult. But your lenses can not be changed. You can just go to an optical store and buy a frame that is suitable for your lenses and let them help you assemble.