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Why do my eyes burn in the sunlight ?

I seldom go out in summer coz my eyes always feel burning when I am in the sunlight, is this serious? What does this mean?
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  • kathy


    It is normal to feel burning eyes in the sun. As we know, the sunlight is bad to naked eyes especially in summer. The high temperature and bright light cause discomfort to the eyes. Besides, the UV rays that carries by the sunlight is really harmful to out eyes. People spending long time under the sun with naked eyes can contribute to cataracts. To protect the eyes, you shall shield your eyes with a pair sunglasses to keep your eyes away from bright light and UV rays.
  • emily_109


    It is normal that eyes feel burning in a short time when you walk out from a dim place to a bright place or the sun is too bright in the noon. But if you fear the sunlight in the normal situation and have the symptoms of narrowing your eyes or bursting into tears, such case should arouse your alert. In most cases, having a cold or sinus infection can stimulate the ocular nerve and cause the pain in the eye, resulting in eye burning in the sunlight. If you have been troubled by the fear of light for a long time, you should go to see a doctor as early as possible. You know, if the slight sensitivity to sunlight is a sign of glaucoma, the more early you receive a treatment, the more likely you are cured. If your eyes are sensitive to the light just like some skins are sensitive to the light, you could select a pair of suitable sunglasses.
  • Alyssa


    The reason is that you have sunburned eyes. The UV and UVB in the sunlight not only pose great danger to our skin and eventually cause skin cancer, but also lead to sunburned eyes. To protect the eyes, the lenses of adults will absorb a specific amount of UV radiation and near-UV. But being exposed to sunlight or strong glare for too long will break the natural defense. So your eyes will have burning or gritty sensation. Blurred vision or snow blindness may also happen to you. You will not feel uncomfortable when the sunburn happens to you. Instead, you will have the feeling several hours later. After being burned, your eyes will recover in a week or more on their own. However, if your eyes get burned repeatedly, you are prone to have scar tissue in eyes and cataracts. For the sake of your eyes, wear a pair of sunglasses next time when you are in the sunlight.