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Why do my eyelashes hurt sometimes?

It is very strange that my eyelashes usually hurt for no reason. Do I need to worry about this? Do I need to go to an eye doctor?
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  • Susan Wright


    Well, generally speaking, for your situation, I have to say that eye infection may occur to your eyes. According to some experts, some cosmetic products, such as mascara and eye make-up, can be the allergy to your eyes, even your eyelashes. In that way, it will just effect your eyelashes, leading to hurt in eyelashes. Of course, at this moment, you should not use these cosmetic products. Also, you can have some ice on your eyes, to relieve it. By the way, jojoba oil is a cosmetic product which contains purcelin oil and it can be used too. Of course, if your situation is serious, I will suggest you go and see the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Nancy


    There may be several reasons that cause your eyelashes hurting. First of all, if you usually wear eyelash extension or wear mascara, it is possible that the eyelash extension or mascara irritates your own real eyelashes. This because that there are many chemicals in the mascara which can very easily infect your eyes, and that using eyelash glue when you wear eyelash extension will also harm your real eyelashes. In this case, you should stop using the eyelash extension or mascara right now. Another reason may be meibomian glands, which is a kind of mucosa infection. If so, you can apply warm water bags on your closed eyes every day, three to four times a day, and 15 to 20 minutes each time. And at the same time you can use some antibiotic eye drops. And it can as well be eyelash allergies which may be caused by something irritative. You had better go to the doctor's for an examination so as to find out the exact cause and get correspondent treatment.