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Is there anything that can change your eye color?

I get tired of my eye color, do you guys know any ways that can change my eye color? Please help me.
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  • eagle_tester_3


    The color of out eyes is decided by gene and born with it. It will accompany us forever. If you tired if your eye color, you can wear colored contact lenses that can make your eyes appear other colors. But it is just temporarily. As long as you taking off your colored contact lenses, your eyes will appear the original color. Also, i heard that lasiky eye surgery can change the color of eyes. I am not sure it does work since i didn't experience it. Maybe you can consult your a eye doctor to see if it can change your eye color.
  • Richard Schneider


    To change your eye color, you can try wearing a pair of colored eye contacts. Colored eye contact, just as its name implies, is a kind of eye contacts that have other colors on the contact lenses instead of transparency. You can choose near any color you would like to change your eye color, brown, blue, green, red, grey, and so on. If you are interested, you can first of all browse on the Internet for further information about colored eye contacts, and the following web site is recommended to you, hope it will be helpful.
  • Kachun


    Well, you can change your eye color easily and conveniently by colored contacts, especially by the opaque contact lenses. They never failed to cover our natural eye color completely and make us gorgeous. By the way, you need to know, what colored contact lenses are great for looking good to various eye color. Take brown eyes as an example, the green, blue and brown lenses can add shimmer to this kind of eyes, particularly the brown lenses. They can not only help to creat a new image completely, but also appear a very natural look. Furthermore, search the internet, you can successfully find ones that fascinate you. Both and can help greatly.

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