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Can eye strain cause facial pain?

I think eye strain can totally cause facial pain. what do you guys think? And can you recommend me some good ways to relieve this?
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  • James


    Yea, I agree that eye strain can lead to facial pain. As your eyes strain, your facial and ocular muscles tighten and after a prolonged period, your facial muscles will get pain. To relieve such symptom, you can apply warm compresses onto your eyes to promote the circulation of the blood. Avoid overusing your eyes and take frequent vision breaks to relax your eye muscles, have a 15 minutes rest after you focus your eyes on something for an hour. You can do some eye massage to relax your facial muscles as well. Do not work in a dim place and do not watch TV or computer screen in darkness because it makes the contrast in light too great. And adjusting the distance of your eyes from both the computer screen and your reading material also helps relieve the symptoms. In your daily diet, intake more foods rich of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • charming_qtee


    If the eye pain cause facial pain, then it is probably that you get conjunctivitis or some kind of nervous system disease. If so, you should go to the hospital to have an examination so as to find out the exact reason for your eye pain and facial pain. The doctor may prescribe some pain killer for you to relieve the pain. And you should pay attention to take adequate rest and sleep, do not get over fatigue. In addition, you can apply cold water bags on your face or on your closed eyes to relieve the pain. Do not drink alcohol or smoke. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

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