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Alexa joyce


If i have pink eye do i need to throw away my makeup?

I just want to know that if I should throw away my makeup if I get pink eye.
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  • hand_in_glove_


    Yea, you know, pink eye has the characteristic of highly contagious, so any makeup used on your eyes during the infection should be thrown away if you do not want to strike yourself in a re-occurring infection because the makeup can become contaminated and infect your unaffected eye. Avoid applying eye makeup until the symptoms clear.
  • Allison leslie


    Yes, it is better to throw away your make up if your get pink eyes. This is because that people who get pink eyes usually have some secretion coming out of their eyes, and there are plenty of alergens such as bacteria or viruses in the secretion. And these secretions can be in touch with nearly everything arround the patients, including the makeup. If the patients still use the makeup which may have been infected by the secretion can make their eyes get superinfection from the secretion, which makes the patients' eye conditions ever worse. Besides, the makeup of the patients is also very contagious for other people. Therefore, for the sake of the health both of yourself and other people, you had better throw away your makeup.