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Can eyelash glue damage your eyes?

What if the eyelash glue get in my eye? Can it damage my eye? I am so worried now, please help me.
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    I have ever encountered such case. It was terrible and made me discomfort and my eyes were red and stinging. Lucky enough, I flushed them out with plenty of water. Water is really the universal solvent which dilutes the concentration of the eyelash glue in your eye. Wish you better soon.
  • david


    Do not be so worries. The glue has no toxic, but some people's eyes are so allergic to the other material such as eyelash glue. Please use clean water to wash most of it out, and then blink your eyes as the tears will run out to rush it out and care your eyes. After that emergency aid, you must go to doctor to clean the remains of the glue, then your eyes will ok. If you get allergy, the doctor will give you a plaster to care your cornea. The towel soaks full of cold water will also help to apply to your eyes skin to get rid of allergy.

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