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How to keep from losing my glasses ?

I loss several pairs of prescription eyeglasses. And my last eyeglasses cost me about 350 dollars. I feel so upset. I usually put one of those string things on it, had it around my neck. But i lost it. Can you give me some suggestion? How can i keep my eyeglasses. I don't want to lose my new eyeglasses again.
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  • chosen_cookie


    You should better know where you put the eyeglasses when you do not use it. I suggest you to use the eyeglasses box to put it when you don't use it. This will not only help your eyeglasses prevent from the dust but also make you remember where you put it. You should keep the habit of doing so. You could also put the string thing around your neck to make your eyeglasses not slip easily.
  • Eric rupert


    It is your personal habit that decides whether you can keep things with you without losings them. Therefore, you should try your best to develop a good habit of remember to take everything you have with you before you move to another place or do another thing. Do not casually put your eyeglasses in somewhere around you. You should remember to put the eyeglasses back into the eyeglasses container and put the container back into your handbag or something like that. Do not haste doing other things and forget to put away your eyeglasses. And you can also ask your friends around to supervise you about whether you stick to this habit.
  • Mounir Boukli


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  • Victor


    I think the main reason is your habit. If you wear your glasses all the time when you are not in your house, you can never lose your eyeglasses.
  • Tanna


    First,I am really sorry to hear about that.
    Second, maybe you need to do the same thing. Only put your glasses down in one or two places at the house and never put them down outside the house. That way, you won't lose them because you'll always be wearing them outside and if you are at your house, they will either be on your face or in one of two places. Make it a "hard and fast" rule that you Never Break and I think that will do it for you.