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Can too much reading damage your eyes?

Is it hurt to the eyes from too much reading? How can it affect my eyes?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    Yes, too much continuous reading without taking a rest is very bad for your eyes as well as for other parts of you body like the neck, back and so on. When you are reading too much, the muscles of the eyesare under a tense condition and have been working for a long time without relaxation, which will cause the eye fatigue and eye muscle soreness, thus you may feel pain in your eyes. In addition, long time of reading without any break or rest will cause the insufficient blood supply in the brain, which will also lead to the insufficiency of blood in your eyes, making you feel blurry vision and eye fatigue. Besides, reading too much will also easily lead to poor eyesight and you may gradually get nearsightedness. If you feel that you cannot see things nearby clearly, you should go to the doctor's to take an eye examination to see if you get myopia or not. If you get nearsightedness, you should wear a pair of eyeglasses with the right prescription and pay attention to allow your eyes to have adequate rest. Do some exercises regularly. Do not use your eyes too much. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and milk, eggs, and so on to supplement nutrition to your eyes.
  • Daniel christian


    Yes, of course. Reading too much your eyes will feel tired and dry. And this may cause eye disease such as myopia, dry eye and so on. Your vision will become worse. And reading for a long time will also effect sleep. It is true reading can enlarge our knowledge. However you should read appropriate. In addition, you should have a rest every one hour.
  • emmie18


    Well, of course not. Reading too much cannot damage your eyes. So you do not need to worry about it too much. According to some experts, reading too much can just cause eye fatigue and headaches but no damage can occur to the eyeball itself. So we can say that it cannot be related to the damage to eyes. On the other hand, doctors also say that this is assuming you don't have some active eye disease which is going untreated like a serious infection or inflammation. And of course, if you had active disease, reading will just weaken your eyes, leading to more serious eye diseases. So just have a rest when you have too much reading, or it will just make your eyes tired.

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