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Can sleeping in contacts cause cataracts?

Is it possible to cause cataracts if I sleep with wearing my contact lenses? How can sleeping when wearing contact lenses affect on our eyes?
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  • Kyle


    Generally speaking, cataracts are usually due to the degeneration and muddiness of the crystalline lenses which can be caused by ultraviolet rays, oxygen insufficiency, malnutrition, endocrine disorders, and so on. If you wear the eye contacts when you are sleeping, the eye can not go on with the normal metabolism because the contacts will hinder the penetration of oxygen, water,proteins, and other nutrition. Likewise, sleeping with eye contacts on will prevent the wastes from getting out of the eyeballs, thus making the wastes depositing in the eyes, which will certainly impact the eyes. There will be more and more wastes accumulating in the eyes, making the crystalline lenses not transparent any more, and then lenses become muddy and degenerate, leading to cataracts. Therefore, you should not wear eye contacts when you are sleeping. Remember to take the contacts off and put them into a clean contact container filled with fresh care solution. And remember to sterilize the container with boiled hot water every week. When you feel dry eyes when you are wearing the contacts, you can use the eye drops specially for contacts' use to keep your eyes moist. And do not wear the contacts for more than eight hours.
  • Andrew bell


    Yes, it is possible for you to get cataracts if you sleep with wearing your contact lenses because of the infection of the eyes. If you sleep when wearing contact lenses, you will be in danger of getting the eyes infection. At the same time, your eyes may get red and dry. You will also have the itchy feeling after you wear the contact lenses to sleep. You'd better not do this which is so dangerous for your eyes health.
  • cwalsman


    Well, there is no evidence which has shown that sleeping with contact lenses can lead to cataracts. But on the other hand, sleeping with contact lenses can just be harmful for your eyes. So you should not do that. As we know that contact lenses cover our cornea, stopping the oxygen supply to it for hours at a stretch. And when you prolong the use of contact lenses, it can cause dryness of the cornea and abrasions, small cuts made by the lens that can cause infections resulting in permanent harm. Of course, some symptoms will occur. For example, the most common and serious infection is keratitis, which is an infection of the cornea. What is more, it can lead to corneal scarring that impairs vision, and may lead to the need for a cornea transplant.

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