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Are polarized lenses good for driving ?

It seems that most of driver prefer to polarized lenses. Does polarized lenses good for driving? What can benefit that we can get it from polarized lenses?
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  • Kelly gary


    Yes, polarized lenses will be good for driving which will help you filter the unnecessary coming lights. You will see things clearly when you drive. In addition, you could also use the polarized lenses to do the fishing. It is really a good choice. You could go to the online store to buy the polarized lenses which are suitable at the price.
  • warren


    It is true that sunglasses with polarized lenses are good for driving. polarized sunglasses are very effective in blocking glare from water, ice and snow. They can also make your vision more clear to avoid car accident when you are driving in sunny days. Polarized lenses can give your eyes a comfortable feeling. This reduces the strain from long time of driving. Like other sunglasses, polarized sunglasses also have the function of protecting eyes from UV and UVB which leads to many eye problems and even fatal diseases. There are many manufacturers that produce polarized sunglasses, such as Oakley and Serengeti.
  • Jackson


    Yes, it is better to wear a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses when you are driving. This is because that the ordinary sunglasses without polarized lenses purely make the lights become dim, while they can not screen and cut off the harmful lights. On the contrary, the polarized lenses can completely cut off the dazzling lights caused by scattering or reflecting reasons and so on. In addition, the polarized lenses can as well reduce the strong lights and screen off the ultraviolet rays on the condition of not hindering the eyesight, which therefore is very good for drivers and can ensures the safety of driving. Polarized do not affect the transmission of visible lights and prevent the eyes from the damage of UV rays, glare lights, scale lights and so on, which are the best choice for people when they are driving, fishing, travelling, etc.. In addition, when you are choosing a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses, you had better choose the lenses of light colors such as brown, grey, blackish green, and so on, rather than too deep colors. And when you are driving, you had better prepare two pair of sunglasses, one is dark color used in strong light, the other is light color used in not strong light or long-distance driving.
  • Rebecca


    Polarized sunglasses help when driving a car by reducing those bright reflections of the sun on the cars ahead. They tend to be horizontally polarized, thus perfect for vertically polarized sunglasses. The reason is that the surfaces that you see on the car in front of you (the back window, the rear door, and even the roof) is slanted towards you, while the sun will be more or less aligned in the vertical plane through both cars. Polarizing lenses will provide higher definition vision for driving, remove dazzling effects and reduce eye fatigue.
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