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Johnny W.


Is corneal edema curable ?

I am suffered from corneal edema now. Can it be cured? How? Do you have any good idea to treat it?
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  • Michelle leonard


    Because there are many kinds of reasons that cause the corneal edema, the treatments of the corneal edema are also accordingly different. If the corneal edema is caused by the wearing and abrasion of eye contacts, then the ppatient should just stop wearing the contacts or wear the contacts in the right way. If the corneal edema is caused by the high eye pressure in the eyes, then the method is too decrease the eye pressure to a normal level. If the corneal edema presents itself as a complication after an eye surgery, then the patient should ask the doctor for medical treatment such as antibiotic eye drops and guttae sulface. In some cases, the corneal edema is limited in the epithelial layer, which makes it possible to extract the excessive fluids from the cornea through the penetration of salt solution. If the conditions of corneal edema are very serious, the patient may have to take a surgery of cornea transplant. If left untreated, the corneal edema can deteriorate and develop into interstitial edema and intercellular edema as well as other chronic eye diseases. Therefore, the corneal edema should be treat in time.


    The corneal edema can be cured. You need to keep the light diet these days, getting away from the spicy food. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes get moisture and get the eyes corners to clear the invisible bacterium. You should also use the warm compress to release it. The above home remedies may be helpful for you.
  • Andrew bell


    Corneal edema is curable. Corneal edema in its early stage can be cured by medication. Hyperosmotic saline eye drops can be used to eliminate excessive fluid in the cornea. For the people who have blurred vision in the morning because of Fuchs dystrophy, directing a hair dryer to the eyes from arm's length is helpful, for this can reduce the moisture. Be cautious that the air from the hair dryer should not be hot. If the corneal edema is too serious to be treated by medication, you probably need receive surgery such as corneal transplant in which the corneal layers from a donor will be transplanted in your eyes.