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Ryan evelyn


What causes poor vision in children?

My son was diagnosed with nearsightedness yesterday, but he was only 12. What on earth causes poor vision in children?
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  • Robert Potter


    Now a lot of things could cause children to have the bad vision. For example, playing computers for a long time with little rest could cause them to have the bad vision. Reading books in too near distance could also make them get the poor vision. Their lack of vitamin could also make them have poor vision. They are within the growing period. They should pay a lot of attention to the habits of using their eyes.
  • Brooke peters


    Protecting eyes from the childhood is a long journey, because many factors may cause children's eye problem. On the one hand, nutritious diets are important for children, kinds of vitamins in vegetables and fruits can offer enough nutrition, but if your children are rather fussy about their food, their eyesight will go down over time. On the other hand, good living habits are equally important. Watching TV for a long time, reading or writing in wrong gestures, stay up a lot and so on. Such harmful habits can directly cause vision problem. Please look after your children more carefully and help them change bad hobby.
  • cruelladeville0


    Bad reading habits are the most important factors to lead to poor vision in children. And staring digital screens in a long time everyday also let myopia occur because of the UV lights they produced. In addition, unbalanced dietary causes bad eye conditions. For example, vitamin A deficency will contribute to night blindness and vitamin B1 deficiency can arise lazy eye. Plus, dim light or extreme strong light are both bad for kids' vision.

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