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Can episcleritis cause blindness?

It is said that episcleritis can cause blindness, it really sounds terrible, which reminds me of my old aunt who also suffers from this disease. So what can we do to prevent that from happening? Thanks, guys!
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  • Jose joyce


    When the case of episcleritis is too serious, it may develop into blindness. Episcleritis refers to a kind of acute inflammatory disturbance of the episclera in the eyes. The episclera is a layer of thin tissue between the conjunctiva and the white sclera in the eye where there are a thin network of blood vessels. It usually seems that the episcleritis is much worse than it actually is. Despite the fact that in most cases, episcleritis will disappear by their own if people leave them alone for a long time, for example, three weeks. However, there are nearly one-third of cases are related with certain hidden inflammatory problems presented somewhere else in the human body. Therefore, if people get episcleritis, they had better go to the doctor's for medical help, such as using topical corticosteroids eye drops several times a day, or using topical lubricant eye drops like artificial tears, making cold compresses three to four times a day, or non-steriodal anti-inflammatory medications given by mouth are prescribed if the conditions are very severe. If the case develops seriously, the scleritis may as well develop, and an inflammation of the sclera can cause intense pain and loss of vision. Therefore, patients should contact their doctors as soon as they have symptoms of episcleritis that last for more than 2 weeks or a loss of vision.
  • Mona


    Yes, episcleritis will cause blindness. The episcleritis is the nodular sclera surface inflammation which is in a localized nodules. It is characterized in the sclera surface inflammation. For acute onset, envy of touch pain, photophobia symptoms such as pain tears overflow in recent corneal limbus especially in the temporal side. It may appear pink or purple which is the iris surface. The deep vascular lesions are caused by extreme expansion of the red department. The surface conjunctival blood vessels is in the result of the expansion of nodules which can be round or oval. Its nodule on the surface of the conjunctival freely promote gouty nodules, bright red color, tuberculous nodules. It often can cause pain and this is due to stimulate the ciliary ganglion. You should prevent it through the good habit of using your eyes, hygiene and good rest. You need to eat more food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes. It will be workable and effective.
  • Kimberly quick


    No, episcleritis won't cause blindness. Episcleritis is the inflammation occurs to episclera which is the part connecting conjunctiva and sclera or eye white. It can be cured and removed as long as the inflammation is cured. The symptoms of episcleritis include redness, a white nodule in the center of the redness, pain, sensitivity to light, and watery eye discharge.

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