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How to keep smoke out of your eyes when smoking?

I like smoking. But i know that the smoke in the eyes is harmful. So, Is there any way that can help me avoid smoke get into the eyes?
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  • Brandon evelyn


    In order to avoid smoke entering your eyes, several steps you must follow. First, light your cigarettes against wind. Second, hold the cigarette between the index and middle finger, let palm face downward. Third, blow the smoke out through your mouth or nose slow. When you smoking, do not stand at the wind direction. As for me, the best way to avoid smoke get into the eyes is give up smoking. Smoking is not only bad for eyes, but also bad for lung. Many lung diseases and cancer are related with smoking.
  • ejg29


    You have several options: 1.You can wear a pair of goggles which block the smoke out. Contact lenses are an alternative, but they can block oxygen, too. 2.Find an electric fan and smoke beside it. The wind that it produces will blow away the smoke. 3. Adjust your posture when you smoke. Don't sip the cigarette in your mouth all the time. Nip it with your fingers. P.S.: For the sake of your healthy, I suggest you smoke less, as it is reported that 20% of cataracts are caused by smoking.
  • Stacy


    Ok, it is true that smoking is one of the most terrible habits we might have, which might give rise to a lot of health problems with us. And by smoking , we tend to get decreased vision, and yellow eyes in the long run. Anyway, try to smoke less is the most effective means of protecting your eye health. Trust me. Also, you should get healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis.