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is glitter dangerous for babies eyes

Can baby see glitter things? Or it will hurt their eyes?
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  • Kristy


    Actually, glitter is delimited as an assortment of very small, flat, and reflective particles, which can cause sparkle or glitter because they can reflect light in different angles. As for babies, they still have a incomplete eye system because of their development. So glitter will hurt their eyes indeed. First of all, glitter can scratch the cornea though your baby has little chance to go blindness, however, eyesight must be affected. And then, painful, irritation and runny tears are inevitable that are easy to cause some other eye problems even you cannot find out them in time. Now we can summarize that glitter does harmful to baby's eyes indeed.
  • Mariah


    It is dangerous for babies to look at glitter things, as the glittery things reflect the sunlight which can burn the delicate retina of the baby. That's also why people close the flash light when taking photos of babies. If the parents don't pay enough attention to this, permanent damage can be done to the babies' eyes.
  • Hunter rose


    I know so many parents take photos for their babies. But nowadays ophthalmologists remind us that when baby’s eyes face to face with light, there is a high energy visible light wavelengths from 400 to 500 nm, called “blue light”, which is more harm than ultraviolet light for the child's eyes, eyes may increase the old age the risk of macular disease, it might even cause permanent vision damage. In addition, strong direct sunlight is likely to hurt the baby's eyes, too. So, you’d better not to use flash photography within a 1 - year-old baby and should not make babies stare into the sun or strong light sources such as lamps.

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