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How to tell if you have retinal detachment ?

I just can't see anything around me with my right eyes suddenly. What does it mean? Is this so called retinal detachment. Do you know how to tell if you have retinal detachment?
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  • marvina


    As far as i know, people with retinal detachment may have sudden appearance of many floaters. In fact, retinal detachment is painless. Some people suffered retinal detachment may also get sudden flashes of light in the affected eyes. Still there people with the problem may feel there is a shadow or curtain over a portion of your visual field. So, from your description, you may possibly got retinal detachment. Anyway, you'd better see a eye doctor and have an eye check first so as to treat your right eyes. Good luck.
  • chopperkriss


    It has the possibility. The phenomenon which retina peels away from its underlying layer of support tissue is called retinal detachment. Before the disease evolves into a retinal detachment, you may firstly have the symptoms of posterior vitreous detachment. The classical symptoms of the latter are a dense shadow in the peripheral vision, a veil or curtain in the field of vision or light sensitivity. Look at the mirror and check the shape of your pupil to see if it seems normal. If the tear flow under the retina presents a image like a bubble in wallpaper, it is wise to head to your doctor at once. Without rapid treatment, initial detachment, which may be localized, will turn to entire retina detachment, and lead to vision loss and blindness. The appearance of macula indicates a worse prognosis. Well, nowadays, 95 percent of cases of retinal detachment can be repaired successfully. So develop healthy habits and see an optician to know exactly the causes, especially when you have a slight feeling of heaviness in the eye and feel increased floaters.
  • cwalsman


    If you have detached retina, you will see floaters which don't disappear in your eyes. There may also be blind spot or black curtain in your eyes. What's worse, you may have blurry vision and loss of peripheral vision. If you suddenly get one or more symptoms mentioned above, you are likely to have detached retina. But these are just reference. You need further confirmation with your doctor.
  • fergus


    Retinal detachment happens because of the separation between the neurosensory retina and the pigment epithelial layer. Part of retinal detachment does not work properly, accepting images from the eye to the brain is incomplete or all of the missing so there will be a blur or blind spot in the vision. Retinal detachment usually affects middle aged or shortsighted people. Generally speaking, there are four symptoms to judge if you have it. First of all, is the central vision loss. Secondly, it looks like flying mosquitoes and flash. Thirdly, see things distorted and the last one, visual field defect.
  • Rebecca


    Signs of retina detachment include flashes of light like fireworks going off in your side vision. When you try to look towards the flashes, you can't look directly at them because they move in the direction you try to look at. They may or may not be accompanied by floating spots in your vision. Floaters, as they are called, can be anything from the condensing of the vitreous humor within the eye to a total detachment. Some people actually see a wavy line in their vision, half their vision disappear or lose total vision in the eye which detached.If you experience any of these symptoms or think you are experiencing any of these symptoms, see your eye doctor immediately and he can rule out whether you had a detachment.
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