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Can people be born with purple eyes ?

Have you seen people with purple eyes? Do you think they are beautiful? I just want to know if there any people that are born with purple eyes?
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  • misty C.


    Yes, it is, but it is very rare. I heard that Elizabeth Taylor has purple eyes. But i never seen her. I just see her pictures from online. It look really beautiful. If you want to purple eyes, you can achieve it even if you are not born with purple eyes. You can wear purple colored contact lenses which can make your eyes appear purple. Hope this can help you.
  • Joshua arnold


    Yes, it is possible. But this situation is really very rare. According to what I have seen on TV, I think people with purple eyes look very beautiful. But I think people with purple eyes don' t have completely purple eyes, just some purple flecks. And I remembered that once the experts explained that people with purple eyes may be suffering from albinism. And another reason can only be heredity. If I am not guessing wrong, Elizabeth Tyler has got purple eyes. Actually, I also wish I could have beautiful purple eyes.
  • Mark Burns


    I have never seen anyone with purple or violet eyes. But I guess they must be very beautiful. In fact, there is no purple eyes, but dark blue eyes which sometimes appear to be violet occasionally like Elizabeth Taylor. "True" purple colored eyes only appear in the patients of albinism.
  • Andrea


    Well, it sounds nice to see purple eyed people, but the truth is, according to biology research, there are simply no people with purple eyes, for that is resulted from gene types. We usually get blue, black, orange, green, grey colored people. Maybe a pair of colored contact lenses would give you the desired effects. Try to visit Walmart vision center for more beautiful contact lenses.
  • greg t


    The possible eye colors of human beings are amber, blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, and in the case of complete albinism, red based on the Martin-Schultz scale of eye color. In general, eye's iris pigmentation and light scattering frequency determine and change the eye colors. Various eye colors can occur in different parent-child combinations due to the complex eye color genetics. Violet is not mentioned in the category, while such colors may be a sign to indicate the pathological changes, like albinism etc, which is also said by the I think perhaps "violet" eyes was just categorized as blue because that is what they actually look like.

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