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Can people be born with yellow eyes?

Have you see people with yellow eyes? How do you think of them? Are they born with yellow eyes?
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  • Holly


    As a matter of fact, I think people who are born with yellow eyes may indicate that they are born with some kind of disease. According to some experts, people with yellow eyes may be suffering from jaundice and they should go to see a doctor in no time. And I have heard that there are a lot of babies born with yellow eyes, and I don' think they are beautiful. It is said that people cure yellow eyes with light therapy. Lol, everyone has his own opinion, but I really don' t think people who has yellow eyes look beautiful.
  • walksal0ne


    Yes, it is possible for new born baby to have yellow eyes because if jaundice. Of course, people can also get yellow eyes in their later life because of jaundice or liver problems. And the yellowish of the eyes is just a symptoms. People with yellow eyes are suggested to get a check by doctor so as to know the causes. As long as they cured their diseases such as liver problem, or jaundice etc, their yellow eyes will be clear up.
  • Trinity rose


    I guess you mean people with amber pupil, as there is no yellow as eye color but amber. Just catch a glimpse at Debby Ryan's eyes. She has very pretty amber eyes. Other celerities who are born with amber eyes are Alexandra Liao, Miss World of 2010, Katie Melua, and so on.
  • b2jb


    I would like to know if the white part of the eyes is yellow or he has yellow centers. If it is the former one, I have to tell you that he may have had jaundice which can be cured by taking medicine. If it is the latter one, which will not be worried because it is inherited by multiple twin allele. One of my primary school classmates has a set of yellow eyes. It should be common among foreigners. It can not be weird if he is a half-breed, but if he is Chinese, that is cool, isn't it?
  • cristoph


    Some people have yellow eyes just because the light scattering makes it look like blue, especially for lighter-colored eyes, or with the help of the colored-contacts. Keep in mind that the possible eye colors of human beings are amber, blue, brown, gray, green, and hazel, based on the Martin-Schultz scale of eye color. Red only occurs in the case of complete albinism. As for the yellow eyes in the infant, newborn may have yellowish eyes and it called Newborn jaundice, which is a condition marked by high levels of bilirubin in the blood. The infant's skin and whites of the eyes may look yellow when the bilirubin increases. Well, in my opinion, the yellow eyes seem strange.