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What does a colorblind person see ?

I heard my classmate talk about colorblind people. I just wondering what does a colorblind person see ? Can they see thing as clearly as normal people?
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  • Connor scott


    Well, colorblind people see the world as clearly as normal people, but they can't see the colors. The world is black and white in their eyes. There is only a change of gray scale. This kind of color blindness is called total color blindness. There are also partial colorblindness. Some can't see red-green. Others can't see blue-yellow. They see the world the same except for the colors.
  • Adam peters


    Any color in the visible spectrum can be made up of red, green and blue. Normal people can identify three primary colors, while some person cannot distinguish between colors, they are called color blind. Red-green blindness can't tell red from green. And for total color blindness, the colorful world in its eyes is grey, as much as the concept of black and white TV, only the difference between light and dark. But sometimes, color blind to color intensity for resolving power is very strong, and they are more careful than normal color vision, they can see the nuances of things.
  • Kevin


    Yes, a majority of them can see thing as clearly as normal people, but they cannot distinguish certain colors. I mean, some of them live in a world which is consisted of white and black with normal visual perception. Some of them can't tell red from green, as they are color-blind. In some cases, people who are completely color blind commonly appear poor visual acuity, possibly associated visual field loss. Apart from their eyes, in some degree, color blind people can feel different colors using other parts of their bodies so that they may help us to understand their feelings about color from a different perspective.

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