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Is it bad to hold back your tears ?

I have watery eyes. But i don't let my friend know it. Can i hold back my tears? Or it is bad to my eyes if i do that?
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  • Ryan


    Yes, you can. It is not bad to your eyes at all. But you had better find out what the causes of your watery eyes are. Here are some possible reasons why your eyes water so often: 1.People over 60 always have watery eyes because of aging. 2.Eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, blockage of the tear duct,eye infection, abrasion or scrape on eyes. 3.Foreign bodies enter your eyes like dust, sand, eyelash, some pollutant in the air. 4.Allergies to something. 5. Bright light 1. Cure the eye disease, infection or irritation. 2.Keep away from allergen. 3.Keep your eyes clean.
  • Jacqueline


    All right, I think you are very serious about that and you have high self-esteem. That is good , but I think if there is something wrong with your eye health, you gotta head to visit a doctor, not hiding your problem from your friends, just try to get some treatment and don't tell them about that. Of course that is not bad, but what matters is your eyes are not in good conditions. Hope you recover after some medical treatment.
  • steven


    Please don't hold back your tears because it's bad for your eyes, i think you can choose receive appropriate treatment instead of doing like that. Watery eye is caused by excretion abnormalities of lacrymal passage, and you can't control your tears when facing the wind. If you hold back tears, the orbicularis oculi muscle will shrink and tear sac will expand. And then, tear sac can't bear a heavy burden. So it's unnecessary to hold back tears.

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