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Is aspirin bad for your eyes?

I got a cold and take some aspirin. But now my eyes feel burning and dry. Is this normal? can aspirin affect our eyes?
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  • walkingrain


    Aspirin is mainly used to the treatment of inflammation and pain. Generally speaking, it won't harm to your eyes. But it can't be taken a lot for a long time, especially after drinking. Or it will appear chemical poisoning, headache, a bit of dizziness and so on. Also it may cause vision problem such as a progressive loss of sight. It will be a threat to life if get too much. Please take care!
  • Jason lester


    The aspirin will kill your inner bacterium which causes your cold. Actually it has little effect on eyes. Your burning and dry eyes may be related with the cold because of the weak immune system. You should have the good rest for the eyes to let them get comfortable by themselves. You should keep the good diet with vitamin C which may moisture your eyes.


    Aspirin has ocular side effects including bleeding in eyes, localized periorbital edema, retinopathy and recession of eyesight. But you said you got a cold. Therefore, your burning and dry eyes may be the result of your cold or the fatigue of your eyes. Stop taking aspirin and see if you eyes stay burning and dry.