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Can vitamin a cure color blindness ?

Can i taking more vitamin A help me? I am color blindness. I heard that vitamin A is good for eyes. So, I just want to know if it help treat my eyes?
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  • classiccarguy89


    Yes, taking more vitamin A will be helpful for your eyes, especially for those people with color blindness and nyctalopia because of the absorption of the corneal. They will make your eye sight get clear at night. In addition, it will be good for your whole body which makes you keep healthy.
  • Ethan edward


    Well, yes, vitamin a can be good for color blindness, but vitamin a cannot cure color blindness. The causes of color blindness can be the improper work or absence of one of three cones in our eyes, which are responsible for distinguishing colors. And the aging can be the heaviest risk of getting color blindness. Also, injury of the eye, aging or as a side effect of using certain medications or drugs can also lead to color blindness too. People will have some medical treatments to cure color blindness. And vitamin a can just make your color blindness better.
  • jimjames


    Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency , is the inability or decreased ability to see color or tell colors, especially red and green. Many studies have already shown that the most usual cause is a fault of retinal cones. Color blindness is usually a sex-linked condition. Common causes still included aging, some eye problems, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, injury to the eye and side effects of some medicines. The most common symptom is you may see many colors, however, you only have white or black in your eyes, or blue. The one who suffers color blindness must detect it as soon as possible. The treatment options are various. Some types of color blindness needs a surgery to help with removing it, while others just needs you wear colored contacts. Wearing glasses that block glare also works for your eye problems. Learning to look for cues like brightness or location, rather than colors. Vitamins do little works for color blindness, while they have great effects on keeping eye health and removing swellings under eyes.

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