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Angela tuener


Is pink eye usually in both eyes?

I wonder if it possible to get pink eye in one eye. Or pink eyes usually happen to both of eyes?
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  • Mark Burns


    Usually the pink eyes are happened on both eyes because of the infection from the bacterium or other people with pink eyes for its contagious character. However, it is still possible to get one eye with pink eyes. You must get rid of the bacterium in one eye in order to avoid the other one's infection. You'd better have the good rest for the eyes.
  • charming_qtee


    In most times, the pink eye is caused by kinds of bacteria and mainly spread through contacts with used towels, handkerchiefs, washing appliances or swimming pool of patients. The pink eye disease often starts in one eye then another one after one-two days, but some people get it in both eyes at the same time. It depends on when it is injected with bacteria.
  • clarinetbandguy


    Well, yes, pink eyes can occur in only one eye or both of eyes. So you should be careful about it. Generally speaking, pink eye is often caused by eye infection because of viruses, bacteria, irritants, allergies. And when it occurs, one of your eyes, or both of your eyes will be red, itchy, even burning. So it can be annoying. To treat it, there are many ways we can just have a try. First, you should keep your eyes far from infection resource. Also, you can just try rose water. And first, you should take 100 grams of rose petals and wash them thoroughly under running water. And then, put the rose petals in boiling water and cover the vessel for 5 minutes. And then just remove the vessel from the flame and allow the solution to cool. And then just apply rose water directly on your eyes. And that can be effective. By the way, cold compresses with ice can be tried too.

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