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Gabriella rupert


Can eye exercises cure presbyopia?

Can do eye exercise help people treat presbyopia? Does it really work?
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  • Matthew harris


    The eye exercise will make your presbyopia get well in the progress. However, the eye exercise will not treat your presbyopia. If you keep doing the eye exercises, your eyes vision will be improved. You will get lower prescription. At the same time, you will see things bright. You'd better do this and keep it as the habit to improve your eye sight.
  • emily_109


    Doing eye exercise surely can help people with presbyopia. But it may not cure it. After you spend a lot of time on computer or focus on details closely, you are supposed take a break after 20 minutes, and do some eye exercises. Just focus your vision from an outside target to the center, rolling your eyes, slow and fast blinking, squeezing the eyelids shut, looking at the end of your nose. In addition, you can use your fingers to massage around your eyes to reduce eyestrain. Besides eye exercise, you need to get a pair of prescription glasses under the doctor's directions to ensure a normal life, and keep a balanced diet as well. I am sincerely hope you can restored to health soon.
  • Richard Schneider


    Eye exercises is benecifical to our eyes.However, If it will reverse or reduce the effects of presbyopia and eliminate the need for glasses are not supported by scientific evidence. Most people with presbyopia need corrective lenses, and an eye exam will determine the correct prescription strength. If you have no other vision issues, basic reading glasses may suffice, but if you also suffer from nearsightedness, bifocals may be necessary. Sometimes presbyopia treatment often uses surgery to correct the problem.

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